Big Summer-Retreat and day of mindfulness
with the monks and nuns from the EIAB and Plum Village
Summer-Retreat 2018

FAQ Dutch Retreat


Q: I cannot arrive for the retreat on arrival day, may I arrive a day or two later?
A: No. We are sorry we cannot accept registrations for those who cannot arrive at the beginning of the retreat. As the orientation on arrival day at 19:30 is required for ALL retreat participants (including people already familiar with the practice), we ask that you arrive ONLY on arrival day and not later.

Q: I cannot attend the whole retreat, may I join the retreat only for the weekend?
A: We are sorry we cannot register people who only wish to come for the weekend. Please check our website (Events & Courses)for other weekend retreat/course opportunities at the EIAB.

Q: May I stay longer after the Dutch Retreat ends (i.e. leave after departure day)
A: After Dutch retreat, EIAB is closed until on September 4 th 2018

Q: If due to unexpected circumstances I cannot stay until the end of the retreat, may I have a refund for the days I’m not there?
A: We're sorry but we can't refund when you have to leave during the retreat.

Q: I can attend the whole retreat, but may my children come only for a few days (or the weekend) for the retreat?
A: As rooms at the EIAB are limited, priority for all EIAB rooms is given ONLY to adults and children who can attend the whole retreat. We cannot register your child in a room if he/she cannot come for the whole retreat. If you are camping or commuting and if your child can arrive on arrival day but needs to leave early, please write to before registering.

Q: May I arrive earlier (before arrival day) for the retreat?
A:Because we're busy preparing for the retreat, we can't receive any early guests.



Q: Are there any single rooms at the EIAB for the Dutch Retreat?
A: We apologize that single rooms are not available at the EIAB for the Dutch Retreat. If you would like to be in a single room, you can register for a single room in the hotel near the EIAB (here). Enjoy the comfort of being in a hotel and participating at the Dutch Retreat at the same time through this special deal. All rooms have their own private shower and toilet, plus other amenities.

Q: May I choose who I share a room with?
A: When you register online, you can let us know who you would like to share a room with by filling in the field: “Room Sharing”. This applies for couples, families and friends who would like to share a room with each other.

Q: I am staying at a room at the EIAB. Are sheets provided?
A: If you are staying in a room at the EIAB, please bring your own sheets, duvet cover, pillowcase and towel; a duvet and pillow will be provided. If you are unable to bring your own bedding, we have limited sets of bedding for rent at €10 when you register.
Exception: bedding is provided for those staying in the EIAB "2 Person Room with Private Toilet"

Q: I am staying in a room at the EIAB. Do you have sheets for people with allergies?
A: If you are staying in a room at the EIAB, please bring your own sheets, duvet cover, pillowcase and towel; a duvet and pillow will be provided. If you are unable to bring your own bedding, we have limited sets of bedding for rent at €10 when you register. Exception:bedding is provided for those staying in the EIAB "2 Person Room with Private Toilet". We are sorry we do not have sheets for people with allergies for rent. Please bring your own sheets in this case to ensure sleeping comfort.

Q: I have a (very small) camper van or mobile home, may I drive it to the EIAB and sleep in it during the retreat?
A: Due to limited parking space at the EIAB, no camper van or mobile home of any size are allowed at the retreat.


Q: I’m arriving at Schladern (Sieg) train station after 18:00 on arrival day of the Dutch Retreat? Can I still be picked up by the EIAB shuttle van?
A: As dinner on arrival day is at 17:30, and orientation is at 19:30, we ask that all retreat participants arrive and register between 14:00 and 17:00. The EIAB Shuttle Van runs between 11:00 and 18:00 only on arrival day. If you arrive after 18:00, please take a bus or call for a taxi.

Please note that if you arrive after 18:00 and would like to take a bus to the EIAB, it is advisable to take the train to Hennef (Sieg) instead of Schladern (Sieg) as bus 530 from Hennef runs more regularly to the EIAB.
For local taxi service from Schladern to Waldbröl: Taxi Lang: +49 (0) 2291 / 2222.


Children's Program

Q: My child is 5 years old and nearly 6, may he or she take part in the children’s program?
A: The children’s program is for children from 6-12 years old. If your child is nearly 6, you may ask the Children’s Program staff when you arrive if he or she may join the program. All children 0-5 years old are completely in the care of their parents.

Q: I am coming with children under 6, may I still take part in the adults’ activities?
A: Children 0-5 years old are completely in the care of their parents. However, in past retreats many parents with children under 6 were able to coordinate childcare among themselves in order to participate in the adults’ activities.


Disability / Mobility Issues

Q: I have difficulty walking, what are the facilities at the EIAB for people with mobility issues?
A: We have very few bedrooms on the ground floor at the EIAB and there is a step from the entrance of the building to the ground floor rooms. During the retreat, you need to go from one place to another for the different activities. And some of the EIAB grounds have slopes. We may also walk on steep paths during walking meditation. If you have concerns regarding this matter, please write to us at: before registering.

Q: I have difficulty walking and climbing stairs. May I join a Dharma Sharing group that meets on the ground floor?
A: We have limited space on the ground floor at the EIAB. If you need to join a Dharma Sharing group on the ground floor, please fill in the field: “Mobility and Health Issues”  on the registration form. We will try our best to meet your request.

Q: I have a handicap parking permit for my car. May I park my car on the grounds of the EIAB?
A: If you have a handicap parking permit, please write to: in advance and we are happy to provide you with a special parking sticker to park at the EIAB.


Online Registration

Q: Do I need to register my children?
A: Yes, all children need to be registered on separate registration forms.
E.g. – If you are coming as a family (2 parents, 2 children ages 8 and 3) then you should fill in 4 separate online registration forms.
- 2 for the adults
- 2 for the 8-year-old and 3-year-old child.
On all 4 registration forms, you can indicate that all 4 of you would like to room together.
Children from 0 - 5 years old may attend the retreat without charge, but they will share the same bed as their parent.



Q: To which bank account should I make my payment after I have registered online?
A: After you have registered, you will receive an email with payment instructions. Please make payment ONLY to the bank account below, which is specific for this retreat. Payment to our other EIAB account will result in a delay in the processing of your registration.

Naam: European Institute of Applied Buddhism
Bank: Kreisparkasse Koeln
Bankleitzahl: 37050299 (bank code for national (German only) bank transfer)
Account Number: 341553957 (national bank transfer only)
IBAN: DE94 3705 0299 0341 5539 57 (international bank transfer only)
SWIFT-BIC: COKSDE33 (international bank transfer only)

Q: May I pay by credit card?
A:We apologize that we cannot process payment by creditcard. We are only able to accept payment by bank transfer.

Q: I am not living in Germany and do not have a German bank account. How should I pay?
A: Please pay by international bank transfer. If you are making a bank transfer from outside the European Union (e.g. Switzerland, USA, UK etc.), please note that you should add ALL bank charges for the transfer to the “Total Amount” before making the bank transfer. Otherwise we shall not receive the full amount and your payment will NOT be complete.

Q: We are a couple/a family/friends making more than 1 online registration but are coming to the retreat together. May we pay together and make only 1 bank transfer?
A: As much as possible, we ask that you make one payment for each online registration. If you are coming as a couple, a family, or as friends, and choose to make one bank transfer together, please be sure to state ALL the individual Registration Numbers as payment reference when making your transfer.

Q: May I pay by cash when I arrive?
A: As we can only confirm your registration after we have received your payment, we cannot accept payment in cash when you arrive for the retreat.


What to bring?

Q: May I bring my pet to the EIAB?
A: Please do not bring your pets to the EIAB.

Q: Should I bring my own meditation cushion or meditation bench?
A: We provide meditation cushions and chairs but you can always bring your own if you want to. We don't have meditation benches.

Q: I have a food allergy. May I bring my own food?
A: All meals during the retreat are vegan (no animal products, dairy, etc.) We cannot provide for special diets. Please provide your own medication or special foods if needed but do not bring non-vegetarian foods or alcoholic beverages to our practice center. We don't have a cupboard or a fridge where you can store your food.


What to do in case of an emergency?

Q: If there's an emergency at home, which number can they use to reach me?
A: The phonenumber for the retreat (+31 (0) 6 2268 1750) is only for requests for information about the retreat. Please bring your own cellphone and charger and make sure that the people at home can reach you on your cellphone.

Q: Who can I call in case of an emergency during the retreat?
A: The emergency number in Germany for Police, Ambulance or Fire-Brigade is 112