Big Summer-Retreat and day of mindfulness
with the monks and nuns from the EIAB and Plum Village

"Wake up to Happiness"

Summer Retreat 2020

Before you start filling this online registration form, we ask you please read the information about the retreat on our website carefully. The retreat information page contains the answers to many of the questions you may have, and will make filling this online registration form easier.

Please fill in a separate online registration form for each person.

Couples, families and friends are coming together should fill in separate form for each person. You can indicate who you would like to room with on the form.

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Personal Informations

The EIAB Certificate will be only given upon completion of the whole retreat at the end of the retreat.
This certificate is not a receipt and does not contain payment information.


This information will be used to help us place you in a Dharma Sharing Family

Contact in Case of Emergency
Please write down the information and medications that you are currently taking (if any)
Arrival & Departure, Transportation
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Students (18-27) can have a reduction of 25% for CAMPING and COMMUTER. Please contact:

  Retreat Accommodation
(03/8/2020 – 09/8/2020) 6 days
(03/8/2020 – 08/8/2020) 5 days
(03/8/2020 – 15/8/2020) 12 days
(10/8/2020 – 15/8/2020) 5 days
If you come alone, leave this blank.
Person you want to share room / tent with, one line for each person, please write down
Given Name, Family Name, Relationship
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