Big Summer-Retreat and day of mindfulness
with the monks and nuns from the EIAB and Plum Village
Summer-Retreat 2019

12. - 17.08. Embrace Life in your Arms

Dutch Retreat with the monks and nuns from the EIAB and Plum Village

In the chaos of our daily life we can often lose courage and come near to despair. When we learn how to embrace everything that happens in life, we can discover much that is good and nourishing.

When we recognize and appreciate the many conditions for happiness that are available for us then we regain strength and courage for the challenges we face.

In this retreat we learn about the simple and grounded practice of mindfulness, which allows us in even the greatest storms of life to remain calm and serene. Then we can accept and embrace our life with all its gifts whether they are joys or difficulties.


The Dharma Talks and other activities will be in English or Dutch with consecutive translation.

There will be a children’s programme in Dutch and teens programme in Dutch and English.

Registration only by internet: